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This September 9th and 10th,  I am climbing the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 hours straight as one of Legacy of Hope’s sponsored 24-hour athletes in the 6th annual PHL24 endurance event.  We are fully committed to raising enough money to ensure no cancer patient or family member living in Philadelphia goes hungry. And this year,  as the Legacy of Hope footprint grows, we are poised to address another issue that many of the patients that we serve are facing; housing insecurity.  For many of these families Legacy of Hope is their last resort, and all that stands between them and hunger or homelessness. 

I promise never to quit, but I need your support.  With a fundraising goal of $175,000, we remain steadfast in our resolve to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who have nowhere else to turn.  We promise to leave our Legacy of Hope.

Legacy of Hope continues to fight around the clock for Philadelphia cancer patients and their families, ensuring none of them go hungry or without a place to sleep because of their cancer diagnosis. 

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday. To date we’ve prevented hunger for 5,603 cancer patients and family members living in Philadelphia.

I am grateful for your support.

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Name Date Amount Comments
Amy Skrzypiec 09/11/2023 $103.39 WTG Mark! Thanks for all you do for such a Great Cause!
Michael Loveless 09/11/2023 $51.85 Great effort for a noble cause!
Debbie Schwab 09/10/2023 $51.85 So excited for you and appreciate your generosity to others
Troy Swift 09/09/2023 $51.85 💪💪
Krista McDonald 09/09/2023 $103.39  
Jill Callaghan 09/09/2023 $31.23 Good luck! -JC
Caitlin Pletcher 09/09/2023 $50.00 Hope it’s going well! We’re on the way to cheer!
Tana Elia 09/09/2023 $51.85 I know he is one proud Dad watching you today and always!
Anonymous Friend 09/09/2023 $50.00  
Milissa Pistor 09/08/2023 $103.39 Go Mark!! Love you!!
Anonymous Friend 09/08/2023 $500.00 Ya Gotta Believe👊
Lisa Conn Trewin 09/08/2023 $100.00 Good luck Mark!! YGB
Colleen Foster 09/07/2023 $50.00 Good luck, Mark!!!
kellyann beene 09/07/2023 $100.00 Good luck Mark!
Pam Butler 09/07/2023 $52.39 Good luck Mark!
Michael Weaver 09/07/2023 $521.09  
Jason McDermott 09/07/2023 $50.00 Go Mark!
Jesse Hileman 09/05/2023 $51.85 Go Mark go!
Michele Bugos 09/04/2023 $21.14  
Tina Dunca 08/31/2023 $51.52 Godspeed!
Ricky and Jenine Quinones 08/31/2023 $51.85 You got this Mark!!!
Anonymous Friend 08/30/2023 $104.47  
Anonymous Friend 08/30/2023 $26.35  
Kirsten Earl 08/30/2023 $104.47  
Sunny Goldman 08/18/2023 $100.45 🤘🏼
Jack Brusstar 08/15/2023 $258.01 You got this buddy! Jack 👊
Lea Hobaica 08/13/2023 $31.23 Good luck mark !! You are a rock star .YGB
Andrea Jones 08/13/2023 $15.00 Always a McGraw family fan
Nicholas Brown 08/08/2023 $51.85 Good job mark
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McGraw, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 08/06/2023 $5,000.00  
Danny Knoll 08/06/2023 $50.00 Awesome Mark, good luck brother
Eric Williams 08/04/2023 $80.00 Good luck bro! You’re the man!
Anonymous Friend 07/28/2023 $25.00  
Linda Mcaleer 07/28/2023 $25.00 Good for you,Mark!
Joe Pat McAleer 07/27/2023 $50.00 Go Mark!!!
Michael Marini 07/24/2023 $26.08 Great job Mark!
Aaron Kase 07/24/2023 $25.00  
Andre Luciano 07/24/2023 $50.00 Wild
Dan/sheila Earl 07/23/2023 $103.39 Awesome charity mark
Fran Cheney 07/22/2023 $150.00 Great job, good luck !
Rich Dahl 07/22/2023 $208.62 So cool you are doing this
Sean Cavin 07/22/2023 $51.85  
Anonymous Friend 07/21/2023 $51.85  
Natalie Smerkanich 07/21/2023 $26.08 So proud of you Mark!
Emilie Bertolino 07/21/2023 $26.08 You got this!
Howard Eskin 07/21/2023 $250.00 Great work Mark. Giving back and staying healthy doing it is terrific.
Logan Whalen 07/21/2023 $51.85  
Alesha Walker 07/21/2023 $51.85 This is incredible ?? Go Mark! YGB
Annie Hughes 07/21/2023 $50.00 Way to go Mark!
Catherine Daly 07/20/2023 $26.08  
Anne Christos 07/20/2023 $25.00  
Caroline (Callie) Henry 07/20/2023 $26.08 Way to go, Mark!
Stephanie Baker 07/20/2023 $41.54 Good luck and thank you for sharing!!
Alli & Brynn Kozloff 07/20/2023 $25.00  
Kelly Cooper 07/20/2023 $26.35 F cancer! Best of luck, Mark! Ya Gotta Believe #45
Bill Stedman 07/20/2023 $258.01 Always inspired by yo bro!
Grant Stephen 07/19/2023 $200.00 Great cause… all the best Mark!!
Lauren Fiske 07/19/2023 $50.00  
Tyler Fleming 07/19/2023 $50.00  
CJ Kessler 07/19/2023 $25.00 Hot Damn!
Aimee Naylor 07/19/2023 $103.39 Amazing work, Mark ❤️
Courtney Mcaleer 07/19/2023 $50.00 Awesome what you’re doing Mark!
Jill Farabelli 07/19/2023 $51.85  
Mike Treacy 07/19/2023 $75.00 Keep of the great work!!
Jill Razz 07/19/2023 $50.00 Good luck!
Jess Savercool 07/19/2023 $51.85 Go Mark!!!
Christine Dorocki 07/19/2023 $50.00  
Stella Barry 07/19/2023 $77.62 Best of luck and thanks for taking this on!
Lisa Swan 07/19/2023 $104.47  
Bob Newman 07/19/2023 $100.00 Go get’em , Mark!!!
Cindy/Denny Earl 07/19/2023 $50.00  
Wayne Endicott 07/19/2023 $103.39  
Ma1band Albandoz 07/19/2023 $77.62 "Ya gotta believe"
  Total $10,941.37  
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