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I Run for Those Who Cannot...

The goal is simple: ensure families in Philadelphia with a loved one fighting cancer never go hungry again. 

On March 27th, 2022 I am running the Philadelphia Love Half Marathon, and dedicating every mile to ensuring no cancer patients in Philadelphia, or their families, go hungry or lose their homes. Each week families across Philadelphia with a loved one fighting cancer go hungry, and without the Emergency Patient Support Network, countless cancer patients in Philadelphia will continue facing hunger. Legacy of Hope created the Emergency Patient Support Network in partnership with Philadelphia hospitals to quickly identify financially disadvantaged Philadelphia cancer patients, and provide emergency support; preventing hunger and homelessness. 

I promise to train and race hard, but I need your support. If you are able to, please support me as I train and run in this race. Every dollar helps. 

Spread the word: Philadelphia cancer patients and their families do not go hungry!

ABOUT Love Run - Philly Runs Free 2022


Legacy of Hope, like most other organizations, has been impacted by the current events, economic downturn, and event cancellations, yet Legacy of Hope refuses to scale back its emergency patient support operations because a resulting loss of life will never be an option.

Over the next few months, we will train, have fun doing what we love, bring our city together, and make some incredible memories along the way. In doing so we’ve been given an awesome opportunity to ensure no family in Philadelphia goes hungry because a loved one is fighting cancer, creating a legacy which will outlive all of us. Our goal for the Love Run 2022 (Philly Runs Free campaign) is $250,000. This will ensure that no family living in Philadelphia goes hungry or loses their home because a loved one has cancer. No elderly parent, or spouse, or child, or cancer patient will have to wonder where their next meal will come from, or will they will live.

Name Date Amount Comments
Lindsey Janoff 03/26/2022 $31.20 So proud of you, my rockstar friend!!!
Dani Cohen 03/24/2022 $51.80 GO EM!!!!!!
Lynn Roseman 03/24/2022 $104.37 go Em Go!! you are such an inspiration. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you xoxo
Rachel Wint 03/21/2022 $51.80 You are gonna crush this run Emily!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!! Love rara and eu eu and Ollie
Danielle Ruffini 03/18/2022 $104.37 Go em! So proud of you! Love Danielle and Daniel
Marcy Isdaner 03/11/2022 $104.37 COuldn't think of a better cause to donate to. Love your drive and passion to always help others. xo
Stacey Shapiro 03/08/2022 $20.91 I love you - so proud of you, Em! <3
Anonymous Friend 03/06/2022 $51.80 Proud of you little girl! You’re my hero
Carol Bell 03/04/2022 $51.80 Go Em!! xo, Carol & Ted
Donna and Udy Nahum 03/03/2022 $103.30 What a great cause!! We are very proud of you Em! Xo Donna and Udy
Elizabeth Goldenberg 03/03/2022 $26.06  
Michele Levine 02/28/2022 $51.80 Go Emmy go!!!! Xoxo
Danielle Dietzek 02/26/2022 $51.80 Go honeygirl go!!!! Excited to be contributing to such an amazing cause, especially now learning that your company will match it! So awesome. Run your heart out. Proud of you <3 Love baby danielle
Sydney & Josh Tabaac 02/26/2022 $31.20 YOU ARE AMAZING!
Jessica Gerstein 02/25/2022 $20.91 SO amazing!!!! run em run! ❤️
Perri/Ben Jacobs/Gerstein 02/25/2022 $37.77 go em!!
Shelby Specter 02/25/2022 $37.38 You go girl!!!
Amanda Escobar 02/25/2022 $31.20 Philly races are always better with you in them! Good luck, run fast, beat cancer! xoxo
Stephanie Hogan 02/25/2022 $52.34 Go WikiEm! Proud of you lil mama ❤️
Amanda Morgan 02/25/2022 $20.91 Love you!! So proud !! Xoxox
Alayne Berkowitz 02/25/2022 $26.33 wonderful cause wonderful girl!
Robert and Betsy Schwartz 02/24/2022 $104.37  
Hope and Keith Morgan and Family 02/24/2022 $103.30 GOOD LUCK EM!! WE LOVE YOU!! Hope, Keith, Amanda and Rebecca Xoxoxoxo
Randi Gerstein 02/24/2022 $104.37  
Casey & Dan Hochbaum 02/24/2022 $50.00 We love you and we're so proud of you!!!!!!!!
Kathryn Davis 02/24/2022 $31.53 Go Em! So proud of you
Ken Schwartz 02/24/2022 $200.00 Great cause!
Melissa Ferber 02/24/2022 $104.37 Go Em go!!!!! So proud of you!
Anonymous Friend 02/24/2022 $37.38 RUN EM RUN!
Lauren and Alex Grass 02/24/2022 $51.80 Go em go!
  Total $1,850.54