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I Run for Those Who Cannot...

The goal is simple: ensure families in Philadelphia with a loved one fighting cancer never go hungry again. 

On March 27th, 2022 I am running the Philadelphia Love Half Marathon, and dedicating every mile to ensuring no cancer patients in Philadelphia, or their families, go hungry or lose their homes. Each week families across Philadelphia with a loved one fighting cancer go hungry, and without the Emergency Patient Support Network, countless cancer patients in Philadelphia will continue facing hunger. Legacy of Hope created the Emergency Patient Support Network in partnership with Philadelphia hospitals to quickly identify financially disadvantaged Philadelphia cancer patients, and provide emergency support; preventing hunger and homelessness. 

I have decided to run the Philadelphia Love Half Marathon in honor of my mom. In 2018, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She has fought hard and strong for the past few years with the help of chemotherapy and surgeries. Although her battle has not been easy, she has always remained positive and hopeful. My mom has always been by my side cheering me on, encouraging me to do my best and picking me up when I'm down. By running the half marathon, I hope to show her that I am and always will be by her side like she is for me. 

I promise to train and race hard, but I need your support. If you are able to, please support me as I train and run in this race. Every dollar helps. 

ABOUT Love Run - Philly Runs Free 2022


Legacy of Hope, like most other organizations, has been impacted by the current events, economic downturn, and event cancellations, yet Legacy of Hope refuses to scale back its emergency patient support operations because a resulting loss of life will never be an option.

Over the next few months, we will train, have fun doing what we love, bring our city together, and make some incredible memories along the way. In doing so we’ve been given an awesome opportunity to ensure no family in Philadelphia goes hungry because a loved one is fighting cancer, creating a legacy which will outlive all of us. Our goal for the Love Run 2022 (Philly Runs Free campaign) is $250,000. This will ensure that no family living in Philadelphia goes hungry or loses their home because a loved one has cancer. No elderly parent, or spouse, or child, or cancer patient will have to wonder where their next meal will come from, or will they will live.

Name Date Amount Comments
Barbara Dowd 03/28/2022 $25.00  
Florence Clarke 03/27/2022 $50.00 Congratulations!! Well done for a worthy cause!!!
Joseph Adinolfi 03/27/2022 $50.00  
Julie Russo 03/27/2022 $15.76 Love you Johnny! #TeamTracy
Lucia Donadio 03/27/2022 $15.00 YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
Karli Mills 03/24/2022 $51.80  
Christopher Loumeau 03/23/2022 $10.61 Fuck Cancer
Jennie Burkhard 03/22/2022 $51.80 Run Johnny, run!
Joe Albano 03/22/2022 $21.12 Stay strong and good luck.
Melissa Molter 03/21/2022 $10.61 Proud of you!!!
Courtney Onorato 03/21/2022 $20.91 Good luck!!
Kassidy Manning 03/21/2022 $51.80  
Joe Campi 03/21/2022 $25.00  
Ann Scott 03/18/2022 $103.30 congrats on meeting your goal. good luck on race day!!
Clare Scott 03/18/2022 $51.80 so proud of you!
Angela Truzzolino 03/08/2022 $52.34 Wishing you all the best!
Jeff and Christina Hansen 02/26/2022 $51.80 Proud of you Johnny! RUN your heart out! We love the Adinolfi Family?
Barbara White 02/26/2022 $26.06 Have a great run Godson.?
Meg & Greg Onorato 02/23/2022 $51.80 Good Luck Johnny! You will do great! It’s amazing what you are doing! We love you all!
Mike Judie Jayne 02/23/2022 $103.30 Stay strong Tracy. Our love
Teresa Casanova 02/22/2022 $26.06 You got this Tracy, always in my thoughts and prayers. Great job Johnny.
Vincent Adinolfi 02/22/2022 $51.80 Keep fighting cuz, we love you ! Good work Johhny !!
Joanna Ostrander 02/22/2022 $104.37 Such a wonderful way to honor your mom ❤️ Good Luck !!!
Ann Puleio 02/22/2022 $26.06  
Maureen Olivieri 02/22/2022 $26.06 What a wonderful way to support your Mom. Thank you for doing this, Johnny.
Eileen Grennan 02/22/2022 $51.80  
Eddie & Susan Slow 02/22/2022 $103.30 ????
Luciana Patterson 02/21/2022 $25.00  
Betzabeth Sarango 02/21/2022 $103.30  
Joseph Abruzzino 02/21/2022 $25.00 #fuckcancer #badasswarrior #adinolfifamily❤️ #loveyoutracy
Kathleen Fitzgerald 02/21/2022 $25.00 Keep fighting Super women!?
Vazquez Family 02/21/2022 $25.00 ???
Joan Ryan 02/21/2022 $50.00 Keep fighting Tracy and good luck Johnny. We love you both XO Joan & Mike
Denise Malatestinic 02/21/2022 $52.34  
Susan Pagano 02/21/2022 $10.00 Prayers for Tracy and her fight. Thinking of you all.
Chrisoula Fosorile 02/21/2022 $51.80  
Murphy Pamela 02/19/2022 $20.00  
Mike & Jane Ryan 02/18/2022 $26.33 To Tracy & John Adinolfi:That your son is running to help others just embodies who their parents are. Caring people. Prayers for anyone fighting this. Much love, Mike & Jane Ryan
Lori Bonetti 02/18/2022 $51.80 Keep fighting Tracy❤️ Good luck Johnny !!
Maureen Edison 02/18/2022 $103.30 Good Luck on your run.God Bless your Mom.Love the members of the Ladies Ancient of Hibernians Division 9 of Brooklyn.
Maria Fanto 02/18/2022 $25.00 Praying for all fighting cancer❤️
Jeannette Corey 02/17/2022 $52.34  
CHRISTINE D'AMBRA 02/17/2022 $50.00  
Nicole Brocco 02/17/2022 $51.80 I’m so proud of the man you have become Johnny. You have a heart of gold. Thank you for doing this! I love you. Good Luck!! You can do it!
Joy Grant 02/17/2022 $50.00  
Gregory Marney 02/17/2022 $26.06 Good luck!
Nancy Schneider 02/17/2022 $51.80 For all those fighting this ilness
Tracy Adinolfi 02/16/2022 $100.00 I love you Johnny
Amber Labarbera 02/16/2022 $25.00 You are our super hero! We love you Aunt Tracy!
Peyton Alvino 02/16/2022 $20.00 this is amazing, Goodluck on the run ?
Carol Schirmacher 02/15/2022 $103.30 ❤️❤️❤️
Robert Ostrander 02/15/2022 $100.00 Tracey keep up the fight. You are a warrior and will prevail.
Connie Candreva 02/15/2022 $26.06 You are a true fighter Love you Tra Johnny this is an amazing thing your doing❤️
Laurence’s Bagley 02/15/2022 $51.80  
Emily Wynne 02/15/2022 $25.00 You are amazing
Austin Lin 02/15/2022 $51.80  
Maddy Ryder 02/15/2022 $26.33  
Denise Schwarzbach 02/14/2022 $52.34  
Maureen Edison 02/14/2022 $26.06 Keep fighting Lil Sis .Your stronger then Wonder Woman.Good Luck with the race Johnny???
Pauline Devine 02/14/2022 $25.00  
Anthony Cairo 02/13/2022 $103.30 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great Family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Maddie Barber 02/13/2022 $20.00 love you :)
Cynthia Nakashian 02/13/2022 $51.80 To ALL the Warriors-Stay Strong!
Susan Crimarco 02/13/2022 $25.00 Proud of you John…..??For your mom!
Jacqueline Poppo 02/13/2022 $20.00 Love you tracy this is great your doing this johnny
Barbara Shaw 02/13/2022 $51.80 This is a wonderful thing you're doing Johnny. Love you, Nanny & Pop
Brenda Young 02/13/2022 $25.00 Way to go
Donna Agosta 02/13/2022 $26.06 With love, Stay Strong
Ryan Smith 02/13/2022 $20.91 Go Johnny - and go Tracy!
Dennis & Linda Cleri 02/13/2022 $26.33 Good Luck John! Prayers for Tracy and all with cancer!
Keri Loughlin 02/13/2022 $100.00  
Angela Truzzolino 02/13/2022 $52.34 To a great cause...
Joseph Ammirati 02/13/2022 $51.80 Love you aunt Tracy!
  Total $3,312.16