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I Run for Those Who Cannot...

Five months ago - my brother & sister came to find me to tell me the news that I dreaded hearing for 27 years. As my brother told me, he said “you are the most like him, never forget that.” In that moment I made a promise to myself & my family to continue to be like my Dad - to live like him, to accomplish his unfinished goals, to be committed to those who need us the most, and to never ever let his legacy of loving life be forgotten.

In order to continue to spread his spirit - I will be running the Philly Love Half Marathon on March 27th, just a few days after what would have been my Dad’s 72nd birthday. In an effort to accomplish my Dad’s unfinished goals - I will be raising money for Legacy of Hope - an organization that provides resources, housing, funds, and support to the families of those battling cancer. A fight near and dear to my Dad’s heart. 

Thanks in advance to those running beside me, those cheering at the finish line, and those willing to donate - I am eternally grateful for every one of you & I know my Dad is too!

After all, there is no better compliment than to be told I am just like my Dad! 

ABOUT Love Run - Philly Runs Free 2022


Legacy of Hope, like most other organizations, has been impacted by the current events, economic downturn, and event cancellations, yet Legacy of Hope refuses to scale back its emergency patient support operations because a resulting loss of life will never be an option.

Over the next few months, we will train, have fun doing what we love, bring our city together, and make some incredible memories along the way. In doing so we’ve been given an awesome opportunity to ensure no family in Philadelphia goes hungry because a loved one is fighting cancer, creating a legacy which will outlive all of us. Our goal for the Love Run 2022 (Philly Runs Free campaign) is $250,000. This will ensure that no family living in Philadelphia goes hungry or loses their home because a loved one has cancer. No elderly parent, or spouse, or child, or cancer patient will have to wonder where their next meal will come from, or will they will live.

Name Date Amount Comments
Sandy Romberger 03/27/2022 $103.30 Best wishes Erin to you and the gang. I can tell you had a wonderful relationship with your dad, and he is looking down with love. God bless! With love, The Romberger's
Ceara Bogue 03/27/2022 $50.00  
Chuck Boddy 03/26/2022 $103.30  
Oscar Travers 03/25/2022 $26.06 Good luck Erin!! Sending love and go well!
Skylar Scrivano 03/24/2022 $137.28 For Coach
Robin Finnegan 03/24/2022 $104.37 What a wonderful way to honor your Dad.
Drew Crowley 03/24/2022 $15.00 Hi Erin, Sending you so much love and strength as you run this half marathon in honor of your wonderful dad. Here if you need anything, Drew
Laney Siems 03/24/2022 $51.80 Kick ass Erin!!!
Marie V Maguire 03/24/2022 $104.37 In remembrance of Jim Fennerty, a wonderful friend, teacher, coach and all around great human being. He is greatly missed!!❤
Marty Weiss 03/24/2022 $51.80 Good luck Erin, I know your dad will be with you every step for support!
Emily Snowden 03/24/2022 $103.30 ERIN! I am so proud to be your cousin. Love you. Good luck on Sunday.
Gianna Ricchezza 03/23/2022 $10.61 You’re gonna do so great Erin!! Your dad would be so proud of you :)
Elizabeth Walsh 03/23/2022 $10.00 Love ya Erin
Kristiana Roth 03/22/2022 $103.30 SO proud of you Erin! Love you xoxo
Lauren Gessner 03/20/2022 $50.00 In loving memory of James Fenerty. So proud of you, Erin!
Nicole Martin 03/20/2022 $20.00 Good luck Erin ?
Amy and Tony Varano 03/16/2022 $50.00 We love you Erin!
Glenda Daulerio 03/16/2022 $20.91 Thinking of your dad and Pete as you embark on the Love Run. Love you!
Maureen Campbell 03/16/2022 $31.45 So proud of you Erin and run with your special angel right beside you always. Love you and God Bless You on your run love Aunt Reen
Kristy DIRugeris 03/16/2022 $77.55 Good Luck Erin! You truly are carrying on your dad’s legacy. He’s smiling down upon you and so very proud! Love, The DiRugeris and DeBlis Family
Patrick McDermott 03/16/2022 $51.80 Way to go Erin! Happy to help the cause!
Lauren Hohberger 03/15/2022 $20.91 Erin, your strength amazes me and here is in honor of your dad ❤️
Nicole Lane 03/15/2022 $26.06 So proud of you Er! Get it girl!!!
Anne Marie Kohler 03/15/2022 $26.06 Erin, you are amazing!! Good luck! ♥️
Geraldine Martin 03/15/2022 $26.06  
Becca Wenzl 03/15/2022 $51.80 Sending all my love and support!
Jill and Chip Kurtzman 03/15/2022 $51.80 Good luck, thinking of you…With love, Jill and Chip
Maryann OConnor 03/15/2022 $31.20 Good luck, Erin!! What a lovely tribute to a great man!
Molly Kier 02/28/2022 $51.80  
Brenna Nimkoff 02/27/2022 $52.34 Good luck, Erin!!! ILY.
Matthew Primavera 02/08/2022 $50.00  
Joseph Korth 02/02/2022 $31.20 From GA basketball camp to a congrats on a post about my current job, he was always there for me and everyone else in the community.
Alex Farris 02/01/2022 $51.80 So proud of you Erin! Your Dad will be with you every step of the race <3
Sarah Evangelista 02/01/2022 $20.91  
SuSan Brennan 02/01/2022 $31.20 Good luck ?
Liz Mazanek 02/01/2022 $20.91  
Allie Lucca 02/01/2022 $51.80 So proud of you, you are amazing!
Grace Sloane 02/01/2022 $51.80  
Jennifer Thiess 02/01/2022 $51.80 You are so incredible and I know your Dad is looking down on you smiling ❤️
Megan Boggs 02/01/2022 $26.06  
Meredith Shields 02/01/2022 $50.00  
Jaime Rivera 02/01/2022 $10.00  
Amy Gowing 12/30/2021 $50.00 ❤️❤️❤️Your dad would be so proud of you
Cedric Madden 12/30/2021 $50.00 Proud of you
Esther Kim 12/30/2021 $10.61 You’re amazing Erin!! You got this!!
Meagan Treston 12/30/2021 $20.91  
Annie Farina 12/30/2021 $100.00 she's a runna she's a track star!! love you & amazed by ya!
Kristen Isaacs 12/30/2021 $20.00  
Buraq Karzoun 12/30/2021 $26.06  
Anonymous Friend 12/16/2021 $103.30  
Jeanne Quinn 12/02/2021 $26.06 Great job, Erin! ? You definitely have your dad’s caring spirit! ❤️
Michelle Morrow 11/15/2021 $103.30 Thinking of all of you - The Morrows
Shaina Olitsky 11/14/2021 $103.30 Your dad would be incredibly proud of you
Christopher Krug 11/09/2021 $103.30  
Kelli Stack 11/09/2021 $51.80 So proud of you Erin for this run and for everything you do! You’re the best go get ‘em!
Kacie Kergides 11/09/2021 $103.30 Your Dad would be beyond proud of you. Love you
Peggy Maher 11/09/2021 $200.00 Good luck Erin sending our love and support for this worthwhile event
Tom Smith 11/09/2021 $520.60  
AmyRose Proietti-Fox 11/09/2021 $51.80 So inspiring Erin! You and your family are incredible!
Kevin Sherry 10/28/2021 $50.00  
Courtney Fairfield 10/28/2021 $10.61 So proud of you Erin! Your dad will be with you every step of the way! You go girl!
Flo and Bob Keal 10/26/2021 $51.80  
Bernadette Waskiewicz 10/26/2021 $26.06  
Tara Black 10/25/2021 $77.55 Love you! Run forest!!!!
Pete Yingst 10/25/2021 $51.80 Sending all the love and support, always! - Pete & Ashley
Steven Collins 10/25/2021 $51.80 Good luck Er!
Carly Jefferis 10/25/2021 $30.00 Cheering you on from Charleston!!
Rachel Zilinskas 10/25/2021 $25.00 Best of luck, Erin! I am thinking of you and your wonderful family. Your dad was a special guy and you are carrying on his legacy beautifully.
Anonymous Friend 10/25/2021 $50.00  
Jaime Urkowitz 10/25/2021 $15.76  
Lisa Fenerty 10/24/2021 $100.00 Your Dad is so proud of you Erin and he will be on that run with you in spirit ❤️! Love that you’re doing this and love you!!
Katie Regan 10/23/2021 $50.00 Have fun Erin!
Megan Boggs 10/23/2021 $51.80  
Patti Monaco 10/23/2021 $51.80 Go Erin
Mary Fenerty 10/23/2021 $100.00 Good luck. Dad is so proud of you!
CORCORAN MYRA 10/23/2021 $104.37 Erin, you are making a difference in the world, just like your wonderful Dad!
Maria Tague 10/22/2021 $51.80 In memory of a wonderful man and coach. He made us believe in ourselves and gave us a chance to shine. 40 something years later and that influence still prevails. Good luck, Erin! I’m sure your Dad is smiling down on you and your family ??
Bill Kettelberger 10/22/2021 $51.80 I first met your dad as a young reporter for the Courier Times nearly 40 years ago. He is a man you never forget. Best of luck with your fundraiser. Legacy of Hope is a fantastic organization.
Phil Werner 10/22/2021 $103.30 Go Erin!!!!
Lauren Jonas 10/22/2021 $51.80  
Megan McCloskey 10/22/2021 $31.20 Good luck Erin! Your dad is so proud of you!❤️
Ryan Finnegan 10/22/2021 $118.74  
Eileen Guers 10/22/2021 $103.30 So proud of you Erin. What a beautiful tribute to your father. You are just like your Dad.. loving, caring and always giving back! Love Eileen, Kevin, Greg & Tim Guers
Julianne Bacher 10/22/2021 $31.20 Love you Er! You are doing amazing things!
Margie Honickman 10/22/2021 $103.30 Sending love from the Honickman Family!
Quinn Cunningham 10/21/2021 $51.80 From my dad to yours <3 May you find immense success in pursuing your goals!
Kiernan McCloskey 10/21/2021 $51.80 Go Erin! Can’t wait to cheer you on as you honor your amazing Dad.
Wojtko Julia 10/21/2021 $10.00 You are so admirable! Your dad will be waiting for you at the finish line!!
Laurel Stack 10/21/2021 $50.00 Go Ernie, go! Love to you xo
Julianna Barr 10/21/2021 $15.76 Sending you peace and remembering your dads memory
Mike & Mimi McCloskey 10/21/2021 $50.00 Your Dad touched so many lives in a positive way and I’m sure he’s proud of how you honor his legacy. ❤️
Nick Saputo 10/21/2021 $51.80 Good luck and be strong!
Annie Dolan 10/21/2021 $103.30 You are an inspiration to all of us!
Janet Burns 10/21/2021 $103.30 Sending love from the Burns Family
Kathryn Lucca 10/21/2021 $25.00 So proud of you! You’re dad is smiling down on you xoxo
Spring Laura 10/21/2021 $51.80  
Katie O’Connor 10/21/2021 $20.91 Go get it girl!!
Nina Markey 10/21/2021 $51.80  
Bernard Dyer 10/21/2021 $51.80 Erin, I went to high school with your Dad. He was always a great guy. Good luck in the run.
Waddington Alli 10/21/2021 $26.06 This is awesome! Good luck, Erin!
Edward Kozlowski 10/21/2021 $26.06  
NOVAK MARIA 10/21/2021 $26.06  
Erin Montellione 10/21/2021 $100.00 A beautiful way to honor his legacy. Your Dad will be with you every step of the way.
Rich Kennedy 10/21/2021 $206.28 Mr Fenerty was my 6th grade teacher. Was one of my favorites. RIP Jim
Samantha Padilla 10/21/2021 $50.00  
Elizabeth Walsh 10/21/2021 $50.00 Your Dad would be so proud of you Erin!
Katie and Ron Solomone 10/21/2021 $103.30 So proud of you girl!!!!
Paul Kaplan 10/21/2021 $103.30 Erin, good luck with the run. You could not have had a better role model to follow. Paul Kaplan
Jackie McDermott 10/21/2021 $40.00 Proud of you, Erin.
Drachman Nina 10/21/2021 $10.00 You are incredible!! Good luck!!
Alexandria Brown 10/21/2021 $100.00 You are the strongest and most kind hearted person I know and I know your Dad is smiling and incredibly proud of his girl.
Danielle Holland 10/21/2021 $20.00 I love you Erin and I know your dad is so proud of you.
Christian Salem 10/21/2021 $20.91  
Patti Cannon 10/21/2021 $104.37 Best of Luck Erin! I know your Dad will be shining down on you! John, Patti, Emily, Allie and Lilly
Kim Morris 10/21/2021 $51.80 Good luck Erin - miss your Dad but know he's smiling down on you!
Morris Keith 10/21/2021 $260.46  
Anonymous Friend 10/21/2021 $51.80  
Allison Fossile 10/21/2021 $51.80 We’re so proud of you Erin and we love you! Allison and Mike
Megan Caloway Caloway 10/21/2021 $103.30 For your best friend and mentor. ? He would be so proud of you Er. Sending love xoxo
Ben Hinge 10/21/2021 $51.80 For coach.
Elisa Novak 10/21/2021 $26.06  
Morgan Sherlock 10/21/2021 $10.00 You are a true inspiration Er, just like your dad ?
Alexa Julian 10/21/2021 $51.80 You’re incredible! You’re making your dad so proud and inspiring so many! Love you Er! xoxo
Hertens Cathleen 10/21/2021 $20.91 Keep up the good fight, Erin. God bless.
Margaret Vernacchio 10/21/2021 $20.91 Go Erin! So proud of you continuing Dad’s good work!
Megan McFadden 10/21/2021 $100.00  
Jack Brent 10/21/2021 $25.00 You’re Dad would be very proud of you.
Kathy Licht 10/21/2021 $100.00 Love you, Erin!
  Total $7,851.89