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Legacy of Hope
Kristen Varley's Fundraising Page

Please support me as I’ve been given an opportunity which will push me to my physical limits, but reciprocally change lives and bring hope to cancer patients and their families living in Philadelphia. I humbly ask you to support me in this fight.

September 19th-20th, I am running the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 hours straight in support of Legacy of Hope, so cancer patients in Philadelphia, and their families, never go hungry again. I promise never to quit, but I need your support. Please sponsor me per hour as I run the stairs for 24 hours.

As a 17 year stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer survivor, I know firsthand what it’s like to fight cancer, however, the pandemic adds another layer of uncertainly. My goal is to help others impacted by cancer during this unprecedented time.

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday.

$1/hour = $24 

$2/hour = $48

$5/hour = $120

$10/hour = $240

ABOUT PHL24 2020
Name Date Amount Comments
Kim Perri-Medini 09/19/2020 $36.00 wish i could be there to cheer you on i am there always in spirit , love and admiration !!!
Alyse Voulo 09/19/2020 $51.80 Love you Kristen, you inspire me always xo
Kristen Dymond 09/18/2020 $51.80 Thanks Kristen for continuing to inspire others! Xo
Jeff & Tricia St. Peter 09/18/2020 $48.00 We are very proud of you! Good Luck!
Nancy Houtmann 09/18/2020 $41.50 Kristin You have never forgotten the women you fought with. God Bless you.
Christine Downey 09/18/2020 $15.76  
John Misina 09/18/2020 $49.74 Good luck Kristen continue to be an inspiration to all of us.
Jasmine Gardner 09/17/2020 $50.00 You are always an inspiration!
Krista Thomas 09/17/2020 $50.00 You are such an inspiration! Miss you!
AJ Johnson 09/17/2020 $10.61 Go Kristine!!
Maree Lavo 09/17/2020 $103.30 Much success Kristen! You are a rock star!
Barbara Sears 09/17/2020 $41.50 You can do anything. Amazing.
Christine Hanson 09/17/2020 $103.30 Go Kristen! You continue to impress and inspire all of us. So proud to know you! Good luck! XOXO
Carla Dolio 09/17/2020 $25.00 I love you so much and your strength, kindness, and determination is incredibly admirable. You’ll tackle this challenge like I’ve always known you to, with grace and a smile. Good luck!
Danielle Powers 09/16/2020 $25.00 Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration!
Josette Henwood 09/16/2020 $25.00 You’re an inspiration!
Michele Bondi Stingle 09/16/2020 $100.00 Kristen continues to inspire, impress, and amaze me. I am proud to call her my friend.
Karen Mason 09/16/2020 $25.00 You are one amazing woman!!
Mary Pat Kling 09/16/2020 $103.30 You have truly been an inspiration! We love you Kristen!
John Pensabene 09/16/2020 $50.00 Special K ... You're special in so many ways and inspiration to everyone.
Daniel & Roxane Guzie 09/14/2020 $50.00  
Aimee DiMarco 09/10/2020 $49.74 This is such a great cause and we are so happy to support you in your goal. It takes a big heart to push yourself this far physically for others. We believe in you! ❤️ The DiMarco Family
Karlyn Kay 09/10/2020 $240.00 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chris Agresta 08/30/2020 $120.00 From one bad ass to another, you go girl!!!
Kim Perri-Medini 08/21/2020 $36.00 For aLL that you do ! We are so proud & so blessed to have you, Simon & Kimberly Hakan & Beautiful Baby Aria in our lives !!!
Michael McCutcheon 08/21/2020 $24.00 Good luck!
Gordon Tredgold 08/20/2020 $206.28 You are a superstar
Maureen Lehr 08/20/2020 $10.00 Good luck Kristen!
Donna Pacifico 08/19/2020 $49.74 Kristen, you continue to be an amazing inspirational leader! So proud of you! You are such a strong, powerful woman who continues to amaze me with your energy and drive for powerful change! Best wishes, The Pacifico Family
Angela Filosa 08/19/2020 $247.48 Kristen-You are truly inspirational, thank you for driving this most worthwhile cause! Love, Filosa Family
Robin Romero 08/19/2020 $51.80 Fight the fight Best wishes
Andrea Love 08/19/2020 $20.00 You are a rockstar Super K! So thankful to know you, and always amazed by you.
Katherine Torregrossa 08/19/2020 $15.76  
Aria Ilbak 08/19/2020 $257.78 You continue to amaze us and inspire us everyday in more ways then you will ever know! I’m speechless at the thought of all the ways you have pushed yourself mentally and physically in the past and this will be no different. You are determined and you are amazing! You got this Nonna! We love you xo
Michael Kostandin 08/18/2020 $26.06 Crush it!
Al Tessitore 08/17/2020 $51.80 Go Kristen! Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you are done -DG
Heather Bowman 08/12/2020 $49.74 You are so awesome! Happy to support you and this cause.
Annamarie Perri 08/11/2020 $240.00 ❤️
Lou Donofrio 08/09/2020 $25.03 Keep after it.
Brigid Boccella 08/08/2020 $51.80  
Emily Stern 08/08/2020 $18.00 For all the Perri GiRLs ! Sending love and support ! Emily, Sydnie & Ruby
Gianie Perez 08/07/2020 $20.00  
Molly Dang 08/07/2020 $77.55 You are an amazing person and athlete!
Courtney Ballauer 08/06/2020 $51.80 You're truly an inspiration! I miss you lady. Go get it!!!
Heather Jones 08/06/2020 $240.00 You have such an amazing heart! I hope you have a great day doing this!
Linda Giuffrida Held 08/06/2020 $25.00 You are an amazing human being.
Lou Krosskove 08/06/2020 $100.00 You are an inspiration to many.
Lisa Perri 08/06/2020 $49.74 Good luck ♥️
Vince Perri 08/06/2020 $49.74 You are one cool, tough and determined woman !!!!
Michele A Cressman 08/05/2020 $31.20 You're awesome!
Kim Pelle 08/05/2020 $494.64 You are awesome!
Carrie Wolfe 08/05/2020 $50.00  
Yoshiko Jo 08/05/2020 $41.94 Go! Kristen!! Chiizu-keiki power!!
Christine Hanson 08/05/2020 $103.30 Go Kristen!
KIMBERLEE A Baker 08/05/2020 $123.89 Total Beast! Total inspiration! If you need support during the 24hrs I would love to help.
Melinda Cheselka 08/05/2020 $50.00 You amaze me and I know you can do it!
Jennifer Falcon 08/05/2020 $50.00 KV, you never cease to amaze me. And will always be my hero!!!
Gregorio Perri Jr 08/04/2020 $51.80 Great cause! Good luck and God Bless!
Gloria Dalton 08/04/2020 $150.00 You are an inspiration! You go girl! You got this
Diane Dougherty 08/04/2020 $51.80 Happy to help this awesome cause!
Alyson Orler 08/04/2020 $50.00 You go girl and lead the way!
  Total $4,758.02