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I am running the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 12 hours straight in support of Legacy of Hope, so cancer patients in Philadelphia, and their families, never go hungry again. I promise never to quit, but I need your support. Please sponsor me per hour as I run the stairs for 12 hours.

All of the other athletes participating in this event are doing 24 hours on the steps. However, Legacy of Hope is graciously allowing me to do 12 hours, as I will be less than 6 months out from my last chemo treatment. Last year, at this time, I was going through my second chemo round. My dear friend PJ did this fundraiser, and I was able to go watch him. I told myself that after I got through the fight with cancer, I would do this event to help others who need it. And here I am. I am very grateful for everyone's support as I tackle this next challenge and make sure those fighting cancer, and the financial burden that goes along with it, have the support that I did.

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday.

$2/hour = $24 

$4/hour = $48

$10/hour = $120

$20/hour = $240

We must strive not for what has already been accomplished or that which seems easily attainable, rather we must imagine the world when our loved ones never again hear the words “you have cancer”, and then reach for this with unwavering resolve.

ABOUT PHL24 2020
Name Date Amount Comments
Caitlin Ravichandran 09/29/2020 $125.18 You are an inspiration!
Julia Buonagurio 09/21/2020 $166.12 You and this experience changed my life. Thank you.
Anonymous Friend 09/21/2020 $30.00  
Tommy Dewey 09/21/2020 $247.48 Ad maiorem Dei gloriam A.M.D.G.
William Duffy 09/21/2020 $206.28 Keep going!
Heather + Brad Thomason 09/20/2020 $206.28 You are a beast!
Tim Heuisler 09/19/2020 $123.89 See you on the stairs dude!
Anonymous Friend 09/19/2020 $51.80  
Cara Stawicki 09/19/2020 $100.00 Kyle and I will be cheering for you!
Susan Milburn 09/19/2020 $120.00 Carol Corson brought this to my attention.
Jonathan Banta 09/18/2020 $103.30  
Brendan King 09/18/2020 $50.00 Get it chef!!
Mary-Catherine Corson 09/18/2020 $51.80 Oui Chef, love you so much brother!
David Howard 09/18/2020 $25.00  
Jamie & Roger Price 09/17/2020 $247.48 Proud to know you.
Erin And Anthony 09/17/2020 $60.00 You already know, My man!
Kara Kubacki 09/16/2020 $103.30 I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished! The support you show for others is unmatched. I’m so happy I can support you as well!
Clara Pelaez 09/15/2020 $51.80 I'm so proud of you Gordo. Love Madrina
Juan Camilo & Jenny Lopez Cortes 09/15/2020 $26.33 This is great, the world needs more people like you.
Gabriel and Leticia Pelaez 09/15/2020 $31.53 Trev, our previous donation went on Julia Glick's page that she has dedicated to you. This donation is to reach your goal. You are a source of inspiration to all that are privileged to know you. We are grateful beyond words that God chose us to be your Tio and Tia. God bless you, always xoxoxo
Gabriel Pelaez 09/15/2020 $26.06 Proud of you primo keep up the great work.
Phillip & Sarah Petitto 09/14/2020 $206.28 Yo Trevor, You got this! We love you and will be cheering you on!
Annette Frieder 09/14/2020 $25.00 Congratulations on your clean bill of health! Great job of giving back! Good luck
Linda Bordelon 09/14/2020 $123.89 So happy for you both! Go, Who Dat Trevor, go!!
David Grasso 09/14/2020 $520.60 My man!
Michael Lynn 09/14/2020 $51.80 Go get it Trev. You’re a force and an amazing inspiration.
Anonymous Friend 09/14/2020 $123.89 The bio alone got me. I don’t know you, but I feel like I do. Keep going. Always. We are one in this aren’t we?
Shirleen Beard 09/14/2020 $206.28 Much respect, gratitude and admiration. You’ve got this!
Justin & Sara Bogle 09/14/2020 $51.80 KEEP PUSHING!! Love Justin, Sara, Cam and Rowan
Jourdan Daleo 09/13/2020 $51.80 Cheering you on!!!!
Mac Francis 09/13/2020 $50.00 Chef, I love you - keep going.
Michelle Rigney 09/13/2020 $100.00 Go Trevor! Love, the Rigneys
Adrienne Ogles 09/13/2020 $123.89 Keep fighting, Trevor! Geaux Saints!
Chaz Thomas 09/13/2020 $100.00 Only because I hear Trevor is converted WHO DAT this szn! Best wishes this year - big things ahead! Love, Chaz & Marci
Calvert Thomas 09/13/2020 $103.30 Good luck with the climb, stay strong! who dat! - Calvert
Hilary and Andrew Fuelleborn 09/13/2020 $103.30 Good luck!
Alison and Bo Borland 09/13/2020 $240.00 Stay strong Trevor - sending lots of WHO DAT love your way! xoxo
Laura Drake 09/11/2020 $240.00 Trevor you are truly inspiringly. God bless you!
Scott and Madison Warshaw 09/11/2020 $50.00 One step at a time. Enjoy the journey, friend. Love and support!
Trevor Budney 09/10/2020 $50.00 Keep up the good work! You are always in our thoughts and prayers! Love you and miss you! Pete and Eileen
Eileen Bogle 09/09/2020 $50.00 Trev. Pete and I hold you in our hearts and daily prayers. We are so proud of you. Keep fighting the fight Love you Momma Dukes and Pete
Jennifer Malley 09/09/2020 $26.06 Trevor, You are in our daily thoughts and prayers. Sending you ❤️ Jenn , Lizzy, Jack & Max
Chris Rich Moyer 09/09/2020 $51.80 Trevor you have been in our thoughts and prayers ❤️Rich Chris Richie Kaley Megan Emily
Chris Dorsey 09/09/2020 $123.89  
Erica Carpenter 09/07/2020 $125.18 Good luck, Trevor!!
Bobby Brown 09/05/2020 $36.73 WETSU
Eliza Michiels 09/04/2020 $26.06  
Lauren Coutu 09/03/2020 $120.00 Way to keep fighting and inspiring and supporting others to do the same!
Christopher’s Parents 09/02/2020 $123.89 An amazing feat by an amazing guy !!! Perrin knows how to surround herself with great guys !!! God Bless your every step forward .........
Glen Stagg 09/02/2020 $103.30 Kick Cancer in the Cunt!
Brittany Nettles 09/02/2020 $104.37 On behalf of the She Moves crew. We love you, Trev!
Peter & Carmel Dewey 09/02/2020 $500.00 Philippians 4:13
Kathy Weber 09/01/2020 $103.30 Trevor, so inspiring to watch you over the past year, as you dealt with the greatest challenge of your life. You did it with grace, humility and above all, faith. Good bless you
Perrin Behr 09/01/2020 $206.28 Chef, GET AFTER IT! With love, Perrin and Chris #intothestorm
Ronald Alvarez 08/30/2020 $50.00  
Ashley Sutherland 08/30/2020 $25.00 Go get it, Chef. Love you!
Pat From St. Philip Neri Parish 08/30/2020 $100.00 What a special cause, Trevor! Praise God you are well enough to "charge the Rocky hill" this year. Woo Hoo!
Dan and Dallas Lupo 08/29/2020 $154.79  
John Duffin 08/29/2020 $156.40 In strong support of my friend Trevor Budny
Anonymous Friend 08/28/2020 $1,030.18  
Victoria & Howard Criswell 08/25/2020 $51.80 We believe in the power of your vision. You are a warrior.
Michael Tegler 08/25/2020 $190.00 My brother in Christ, "I  sought my soul, But my soul I couldn’t see. I sought my god. My god eluded me, I sought my brother  , and I found all three.” Therein lies spiritual strength! Love you Boss.. Stay Strong!! Mikey T
Jessica Charles 08/24/2020 $103.30  
Carol Serena 08/24/2020 $52.34 For all those who have lost someone to a disease that doesn’t discriminate toward the ones it has taken We are all in this together xo
Anonymous Friend 08/24/2020 $250.05 Keep Hammering Chef
Matthew Iacoviello 08/23/2020 $103.30 Get after it. Love you brother!
Jesse Batt 08/23/2020 $154.79 I love you ❤️ Go get em!
Zaid Al-Huneidi 08/23/2020 $123.89 Keep crushing and inspiring everyone! Love you man
Anonymous Friend 08/23/2020 $123.89 Until we face great challenges,we don't realize our strength. Proud of you. Many Blessings
  Total $9,046.05  
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