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This September I am riding my bike on the Kelly Drive loop around the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 hours straight in support of Legacy of Hope, so cancer patients in Philadelphia, and their families, never go hungry again. I promise never to quit, but I need your support. Please sponsor me per hour as I ride the 8 mile loop for 24 hours.

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday.

$1/hour = $24 

$2/hour = $48

$5/hour = $120

$10/hour = $240

ABOUT PHL24 2020
Name Date Amount Comments
Richelle Turner 09/20/2020 $25.01  
Earl Seymour 09/19/2020 $103.30 What your doing is amazing bro. Keep up the good work
Desirae Peoples 09/19/2020 $48.00 You got this Brother! Love you for life! ❤️ Desirae & Ian
Tiana Dumas 09/18/2020 $24.00 #TheGreenRoom
John Bender 09/18/2020 $26.06  
SAADIQ STEWART 09/18/2020 $26.06  
Shawree Dean 09/18/2020 $250.00 Keep pushing
Michael Roman 09/17/2020 $25.03 You got this man, love you bro
Jamar Thomas 09/17/2020 $25.03 Good luck & God Bless you my MU brother
Kasaundra Wilson 09/11/2020 $40.00 You are amazing Nate and keep doing what you are destined to do. Cousin Kasaundra Wilson
Charletta Zeigler 09/11/2020 $250.00 The WOLCS Academic Leadership and Climate Teams support you and The Legacy of Hope Foundation!!!❤
Anonymous Friend 09/11/2020 $120.00 You can do it, William!
Lamar Williams 09/10/2020 $50.00 Persevering through the difficult times and setting an example for those close and far, I'm glad you continue to press forward.
Jessica Dwinell 09/07/2020 $247.48 So happy for your recovery! Good luck with the ride!
Anonymous Friend 08/07/2020 $100.00 Way to go Will. You are an inspiration and a good soul.
Taliya Reynolds 08/06/2020 $49.74  
Heather Maertzig 08/06/2020 $49.74 You are an inspiration Will! With all the negativity in the world, this is a beautiful reminder that there is also much love and positivity out there too.
Gladine Frasso 08/05/2020 $50.00 Every day is a gift that’s why they call it the present! You’re a true fighter Will! I know mentally you’ll know those hours out like it’s nothing! Good luck and have fun. - Gladine
Donna Taylor-Stewart 08/05/2020 $50.00 In honor of Will Peoples and all those fighting the fight.
Ismail Numan 08/05/2020 $26.06 Keep being an inspiration bro!!!
Shontae Bryan 08/05/2020 $49.74 YOU CAN DO IT WILL!!!!!!
Barbara Cohen-Kligerman 08/05/2020 $25.29  
  Total $1,660.54  
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