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Legacy of Hope
David, Dave, Davey's (AKA Lip, Lipster, Lippy) Fundraising Page
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This September I am running the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 hours straight in support of Legacy of Hope, so cancer patients in Philadelphia, and their families, never go hungry again. I promise never to quit, but I need your support. Pleasse sponsor me per hour as I run the stairs for 24 hours.  You don't have to sponsor by the hour if math intimidates you......the important thing is to donte, please and thank you.

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday.

$1/hour = $24 

$2/hour = $48

$5/hour = $120

$10/hour = $240


ABOUT PHL24 2020
Name Date Amount Comments
Christopher Ryan 09/22/2020 $75.00  
John Koslosky 09/20/2020 $51.80 Way to go, Dave!
Mike Bernitt 09/20/2020 $332.49  
James Slocum 09/19/2020 $20.91  
Shelley Burch 09/19/2020 $51.80 #lovewins #bethegood
Francis Stoddard 09/19/2020 $51.80 Proud of you Lip and LipSis. Great work and good luck 24 hours holy crepe.
Lisa Frack 09/19/2020 $100.00 Go Dave go!
Danielle Windus 09/19/2020 $25.00 Thank you!
Jim Payne 09/19/2020 $24.00 You got this Dave!
Lisa McConville 09/18/2020 $51.80 Good Luck Dave! You got this!
Paul Root 09/18/2020 $103.30 From New Visions Teaching Alumni -- good luck, Dave!
Marianne Desimone 09/17/2020 $50.00 In memory of Rosemary DeMark (thymic cancer), Mr Mancuso, and Carrie Lazarre.Thank you David and Gina!!
Vicki Erwin 09/16/2020 $103.30 Rock those steps Dave!!
Brandilyn Gage Steves 09/16/2020 $50.00 Rock them steps!!!
Pamela Suess 09/15/2020 $51.80 So proud of you Dave!!
Anonymous Friend 09/14/2020 $103.30  
Todd Markevicz 09/07/2020 $25.03 In honor of the Stooges
Marguerite Killip 09/02/2020 $240.00 Walk tall, walk far - we are all walking with you.
Jeff and Pat Muchard 08/29/2020 $100.00  
Robin Chittick 08/25/2020 $26.06 Run a few laps for me! ✌
Thomas DeLaus 08/25/2020 $20.91 Love ya buddy.
Anonymous Friend 08/24/2020 $500.00  
John Guetens 08/18/2020 $74.46 Go Lip and thanks for your dedication to the cause! In memory of my mother and support of my wife’s continuing fight!
Wayne Black 08/16/2020 $26.06 Good luck! We will be cheering you on!
Alison Black 08/16/2020 $26.06 Best of luck From the PNW! We will be excited to hear all about this!
Scott Eaton 08/16/2020 $49.74 Good Luck Lip!
Brian Barton 08/15/2020 $51.80 Show them the Brockport pride!
Jeffrey Shepanski 08/15/2020 $51.80 Proud to support you in this cause! My father passed away from cancer in 2011.
Donna Mancuso 08/13/2020 $200.00  
Ashley Foster 08/13/2020 $20.91  
Lisa Kehoe 08/13/2020 $50.00 Thank you both for doing this!
Janice Spiotta 08/13/2020 $25.03 Go Rocky! I mean Dave...
Linda Crist 08/13/2020 $25.03  
Sandy Ponticello 08/02/2020 $26.06 Lost my Bff Ricky to this disease.
Sue Gibbs 08/02/2020 $50.00 Because you are cute and do good stuff
Tracy Potter 07/31/2020 $25.00  
Mike Bernitt 07/31/2020 $51.80 Thanks Dave and Gina!
Chris Mahnke 07/31/2020 $51.80  
Sheilah Reynolds 07/31/2020 $26.06 a worthy cause. Good for you Dave
Rebecca DiNatale 07/31/2020 $25.00  
Chris Cummings 07/30/2020 $25.03  
Save Messbauer 07/30/2020 $25.00  
Jenna Roberge-Karns 07/30/2020 $20.00 ❤️
  Total $3,084.94  
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