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Angelo Ortiz & Candace Syres ...this one's for you

Talk with anyone who knows Angelo or Candace, and you'll hear about their love of family, dedication to community, strength, courage, and selfless leadership. You know; the type of person you're proud to call friend, glad to have in your corner, and brings out the best in you. Angelo Ortiz and Candace Syres I consider you family, and each time I climb the Rocky steps for those 24 hours will be for you. You are Legacy of Hope personified, you are my WHY.

In Memory of Angelo Ortiz
In Honor of Candace Syres


I am running the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 continuous hours in support of Legacy of Hope, so cancer patients in Philadelphia, and their families, never go hungry again. I promise never to quit, but I need your support. If you are able to, please sponsor me per hour as I run the stairs for 24 hours.

Check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday.

$1/hour = $24 

$2/hour = $48

$5/hour = $120

$10/hour = $240


We must strive not for what has already been accomplished or that which seems easily attainable, rather we must imagine the world when our loved ones never again hear the words “you have cancer”, and then reach for this with unwavering resolve.

ABOUT PHL24 2020
Name Date Amount Comments
Bart Yasso 09/30/2020 $51.80 Great run my friend
Anonymous Friend 09/20/2020 $103.30  
Emily Loscalzo 09/20/2020 $13.70 In honor of Maureen Winter who is in the hospital due to her battle with cancer, and her sister/my good friend Lisa DePaul.
Paula Levine 09/20/2020 $26.33 For all the families who need a little support ...
Dustin Miller 09/20/2020 $25.00 Awesome effort!
Daniela Digregorio 09/19/2020 $26.06 Mike, you are such an inspiration. How wonderful you were able to meet your goal. I hope my small donation can help someone.
jodi sandos 09/19/2020 $51.80  
Aileen Brunswick 09/19/2020 $49.74 Mike, You are an inspiration to us all! You give some comfort to those in need and I'm proud of you! Thank you!
Amit Tripathi 09/18/2020 $25.00 Go get it ❤️
Melissa Mozitis 09/18/2020 $26.06  
Zoraida Ortiz 09/18/2020 $25.00 Thank You for all that You Do ❤
Lee Porter 09/18/2020 $25.03  
Noah Volain 09/18/2020 $54.19 See you tomorrow! :-)
Brian Blickos 09/18/2020 $25.00 You can do it, Nigel!!!
Debbie Mcsweeney 09/18/2020 $34.29 Thank you for giving Patrick and all the fighters hope!
Kate Rehm 09/18/2020 $200.00 All the best in your event? I’m thinking of Candace Syres As I write this. She is amazing ❤️
Jillian Van Sciver 09/18/2020 $26.06  
Michael Hansbury 09/18/2020 $37.38  
Michael Monaghan 09/18/2020 $26.33  
Kristen & George Maynes 09/18/2020 $40.00 You inspire us!
Danielle Frank 09/17/2020 $103.30 Thank you for making this your life's mission. What you do for cancer patients is beyond amazing. I will be thinking of you on Saturday!
Bernadette Waskiewicz 09/17/2020 $25.03 Amazing! Good luck!
Anonymous Friend 09/17/2020 $40.00  
Lisa Traceski 09/17/2020 $103.30 You got this!!
Devon Robinson 09/14/2020 $26.06 Candace Syres always a pillar of strength.
Anneyva Hidlay 09/14/2020 $30.00  
Amy Smith 09/13/2020 $50.00 Thank you for ALL that you do to support the community Mike!
Anonymous Friend 09/13/2020 $31.20  
Joshua Daniels 09/12/2020 $26.06 Thanks for all that you do!
Nicholas Piscitelli 09/12/2020 $20.00  
Sean Nedabylek 09/12/2020 $25.03  
Holly Barilla 09/12/2020 $25.03 Keep doing amazing work!!
Jeff Glenn 09/12/2020 $20.00 Awesome you are doing this and for an amazing cause! That’s quite the run. Be careful and stay healthy throughout your run.
Linda Pasquella 09/12/2020 $48.00 Happy to support! Keep following your passion..selfless and always positive.
Daniel Rowan 09/12/2020 $50.00  
Jarred Wooodard 09/12/2020 $10.61 Hopefully my small donation can help someone!
Donna Gatewood 09/12/2020 $50.00 Go Mike Go!!!
Regina Curry 09/11/2020 $48.00  
Tricia Posey 09/11/2020 $50.00 Mike Rowe
Danielle Brancato 09/11/2020 $26.06  
Cindy Rowe 09/11/2020 $26.06 In memory of my father and grandfather.
Earl Rutter 09/11/2020 $50.00  
Nicholas Malfitano 09/11/2020 $20.91 Best of luck, Mike!
Emily Loscalzo 09/11/2020 $25.03  
Thomas Cobb 09/11/2020 $50.00  
Tracy Kronick 09/11/2020 $103.30 Thank you Mike Rowe for being so passionate and dedicated to this worthy cause! We will be cheering for you
Leo McKinley 09/11/2020 $257.78  
Mary Syres 09/08/2020 $25.00 Candace you are amazing!
Thomas Jefferies, Jr. 09/08/2020 $25.00 In honor of Candace
Meghan Maciolek 09/01/2020 $51.80 Keep up the great work!
Sam Zeff 08/31/2020 $37.38  
Cornell Samuel 08/30/2020 $51.80 Love More!
Alla Sifuentes 08/30/2020 $150.00 A lot of steps!!
George Shipp 08/29/2020 $103.30 Keep up the good fight. God bless you,
Elizabeth Bonitatibus 08/27/2020 $36.35  
Dr. Robert Palma 08/21/2020 $100.00 In memory of my dear friend Faith Wolford.
Eugene Byrd 08/21/2020 $165.09 Go get them, Can! Love you!
Lamar Kennedy 08/20/2020 $10.61  
Shiranda Jones 08/18/2020 $25.00 On Behalf of the Pink Eagles! Keep going STRONG!
Gina Toppin 08/17/2020 $49.74  
Kent & Linda Rowe 08/16/2020 $50.00 In memory of Terry, Ken, and John
Alla Sifuentes 08/07/2020 $154.79 Rock it, Mike!
Kimberly Syres 08/04/2020 $500.00 In honor of my Champion sister Candace, the ultimate Cancer survivor inspiring women and men all over the world.
Anonymous Friend 08/01/2020 $20.00  
  Total $3,788.69  
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