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I Run/Bike/Swim for Those Who Cannot...

The goal: ensure families in Camden with a loved one fighting cancer never go hungry again.

On July 16th, 2023 I am gratefully competing in  the New Jersey State Triathlon. Each mile I plan to crush is driven to ensuring no cancer patients in Camden, or their families, go hungry or lose their homes. Each week families across Camden with a loved one fighting cancer go through major struggles, and without the Legacy of Hope Emergency Patient Support Network, countless patients will continue facing hunger. Legacy of Hope created this project in partnership with Camden hospitals to quickly identify financially disadvantaged cancer patients, and provide emergency support; preventing hunger and homelessness. 

I promise to train and race hard, but I need your support. If you are able to, please support me as I train and run in this race. Every dollar helps. 

Spread the word: Camden cancer patients and their families do not go hungry!

ABOUT NJ State Triathlon 2023
Name Date Amount Comments
Natalie Alleva 07/19/2023 $31.23 Kill it!!!
Andrea March 07/15/2023 $26.08 Proud of you , great work buddy
The Crippers 07/14/2023 $51.85 Best of Luck to you!!!
Trevor Coulter 07/11/2023 $103.39 Iron sharpens iron baby. Hold my spot at the finish line??
Ralph Suppa 07/10/2023 $103.39 Go get ‘Em brother
Iron Mayor 07/10/2023 $146.76 Beasts doing great things !!! It’s my honor to share lanes and train with this fine young man !! Get it !???
Kaitlyn French 07/09/2023 $26.08 You rock! Good luck, James!
Midge Kerr 06/20/2023 $260.70 Keep making a difference in our communities!
Carol Canetti 05/17/2023 $51.85 James you continue to amaze me in all that you do…so proud of each and every one of your accomplishments…keep up the awesome job…❤️
Lori Caporale 02/21/2023 $103.39 You amaze us!
Timur Couture 01/29/2023 $26.08 triMore
Barbara Hunt 01/24/2023 $103.39 We couldn't be prouder of you James! Keep shining your bright light and being a role model to so many!!! Team DQ forever!!
Mandi Basantis 01/23/2023 $52.39 You’re amazing!
Brad Altman 01/23/2023 $51.85 Go get 'em brodie!
Brian Altman 01/23/2023 $103.39 We are honored to be a part of this endeavor.
Michele Lay 01/23/2023 $51.85 You always continue to Improve Yourself! So Proud James
Darby Fitzpatrick 01/23/2023 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 01/22/2023 $103.39 Hard work pays off ?
  Total $1,422.06