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Trevor Coulter's Fundraising Page
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I Run/Bike/Swim for Those Who Cannot...

The goal is simple: ensure families in Camden with a loved one fighting cancer never go hungry again. 

On July 15th- 16th, 2023 I am competing in  the New Jersey State Triathlon, and dedicating every mile to ensuring no cancer patients in Camden, or their families, go hungry or lose their homes. Each week families across Camden with a loved one fighting cancer go hungry, and without the Emergency Patient Support Network, countless cancer patients in Camden will continue facing hunger. Legacy of Hope created the Emergency Patient Support Network in partnership with Camden hospitals to quickly identify financially disadvantaged Camden cancer patients, and provide emergency support; preventing hunger and homelessness. 

I promise to train and race hard, but I need your support. If you are able to, please support me as I train and run in this race. Every dollar helps. 

Spread the word: Camden cancer patients and their families do not go hungry!

ABOUT NJ State Triathlon 2023
Name Date Amount Comments
Kevin Scheuren 07/16/2023 $31.23 You got this Trev! Keep doing amazing work!
Amy Parker 07/10/2023 $50.00 Great job Trevor!!!
Brielle Siegel 07/08/2023 $51.85 You got this!
Jennifer Coulter 04/30/2023 $100.00 Thank you for giving back to your community, in a time when it’s needed most. The rewards to all will be greater than you know. I’m behind you all the way.
Carole Jenkins 04/22/2023 $200.00 Go Trevor go! So proud of our grandson!!
  Total $433.08