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This September, Team Lynda will climb the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in memory of Lynda Gross. Lynda was an enthusiastic supporter of Legacy of Hope and was at every Rocky Step climb until she could no longer participate. To honor her, we will continue her support of Legacy of Hope and do our part to ensure that no cancer patient or family member living in Philadelphia goes hungry. We would appreciate your participation and support in any way you can.

Please check out Legacy of Hope's Emergency Patient Support Network which is literally changing lives and providing hope everyday. To date Legacy of Hope has prevented hunger for over 3,000 cancer patients and family members in Philadelphia.

ABOUT PHL24 2021
Name Date Amount Comments
Linda Smiggen 10/18/2021 $50.00 In Memory of Lynda Gross. I will never forget her beautiful presence, kindness and laughter at my brother’s Celebration of Life. Very special and lovely memories of a truly strong woman.
Alydar Foundation 09/29/2021 $7,000.00  
Alida Rubenstein 09/11/2021 $106.69  
Roy Rubenstein 09/11/2021 $103.30  
Lawrence R 09/07/2021 $104.37 With love from Riff and Deb in Los Angeles.
Dell Fascione 09/07/2021 $100.00 With love from a forever Amigo.
Avi Cohen 09/06/2021 $77.55  
David and Elizabeth Gross 08/31/2021 $180.00  
Custom Ink LLC 08/26/2021 $20.91 Thanks for designing your awesome Team Lynda shirts with Custom Ink!
Sandy Brown 08/25/2021 $250.00  
Susan Cohen 08/19/2021 $103.30  
Avi Cohen 08/19/2021 $103.30  
Allen Model 08/17/2021 $250.00  
Daniel and Anne Feczko Flynn 08/15/2021 $103.30 So proud to continue to support this in Aunt Lynda’s memory!
Anthony & Joan Vigliotti 08/14/2021 $100.00  
Bruce Eisenberg 08/14/2021 $257.78 Lovely Lynda — we miss and love you and hope that you are resting comfortably in peace.
Rich & Charles Eisenberg 08/13/2021 $200.00  
Connie Katz 08/13/2021 $103.30  
Connie Hagelin 08/13/2021 $250.00 In loving memory of beautiful Lynda who showed us not only how to live but how to die. The Hagelin Family Connie, Christyn & Adam, Matt & Deirdre
Larry Gross 08/12/2021 $1,030.18  
  Total $10,493.98  
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