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Sometimes there are moments in a person's life which so profoundly affect them, the lens through which they view everything else changes. For me this moment arrived several years ago when I was caring for a young woman with metastatic cancer whose family was unable to afford the most basic necessities to keep her comfortable in the last months of her life. This September I will climb the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for 24 hours straight, raising money to ensure no family in Philadelphia with a loved one fighting cancer ever experiences this untenable level of pain and heartache again. Please donate, and I promise to never stop...

Often described as the Emergency Medicine of patient support, Legacy of Hope steps in when cancer patients and families have exhausted all other resources, and no longer have the capacity to provide themselves with basic necessities. Creating the first platform in Philadelphia to address critical needs in the oncology population, social workers and oncology teams from every hospital and cancer center in the city can place emergency support referrals via the Emergency Patient Support Network. This growing network of partnerships with hospitals, grocery stores, schools, construction companies, Philadelphia Police Department, and local businesses then provide emergency patient support; with a response time less than 24 hours in the most critical cases.



ABOUT PHL24 2021
Name Date Amount Comments
Paula Levine 09/27/2021 $52.34  
Greg Senior 09/13/2021 $51.80  
Merck 09/13/2021 $100.00  
Susie Stasiorowski 09/11/2021 $364.52 Thank you Michael. For all you do with the charity and for remembering my wonderful son as you do it. It means so much!
Merck 09/10/2021 $57.26  
Patricia Decker 09/10/2021 $51.80  
Brooke Miller 09/10/2021 $51.80  
Stephen Logan 09/10/2021 $51.80  
Lashay Cobb 09/10/2021 $25.00 Having worked in cancer research and lost loved ones to this horrible condition, hope that my little donation can help ease some financial burden for a family.
Kristen & George Maynes 09/10/2021 $52.34 Way to go Mike!
Lori Mordenti 09/09/2021 $103.30 In memory of my son in law, Dan the Man. Love you to the moon and back.
Adam Stasiorowski 09/09/2021 $1,030.18 I wanted us to share so many more memories than the great ones we had experienced throughout our lives together.
Maureen OConnell 09/08/2021 $25.00  
Jacquelyn Juricic 09/08/2021 $51.80 Thanks for never stopping your support of those impacted by cancer.
Adrienne Walstrum 09/07/2021 $51.80  
Gwenn Oakes 09/07/2021 $51.80  
Maureen Posik 09/07/2021 $26.06  
Devon Weaver 09/07/2021 $26.06  
Michelle Lowary 09/07/2021 $31.20  
Jennifer Longhenry 09/03/2021 $26.06  
Erica Coraluzzi 09/01/2021 $20.91  
Victoria Schroeder 08/31/2021 $75.00 For Dan. Thank you Melissa for always supporting non profit work.
Michelle Mordenti 08/31/2021 $20.91 Thank You for the selfless act of helping families in need and making a difference.
Ashley Yomtov 08/31/2021 $26.06  
Angie Campbell 08/31/2021 $100.00 In loving memory of Dan. I’m so happy to be able to support this incredible fundraiser!
Mandi Mather 08/31/2021 $100.00  
Merck 08/30/2021 $515.24  
Christine Hubert 08/30/2021 $50.00  
Joan Cardona 08/30/2021 $20.91  
Terrence Purnell 08/30/2021 $103.30  
Talia Martinez 08/30/2021 $10.00 In honor of a life well lived. I did not know Dan but I Know no one should go through this heartbreak. My love and prayers go out to you Melissa and all the families affected.
Anonymous Friend 08/30/2021 $20.00  
Melisa Mordenti 08/29/2021 $515.24 Mike & the LOH Team- thank you for doing the hard work to erase food insecurity among patients with cancer in the Philadelphia area. Proud of you!
Linda Lowrie 08/25/2021 $51.80  
Lee Porter 08/24/2021 $26.06  
Charlotte Hogan 08/24/2021 $20.00  
Marialice Baran 08/24/2021 $36.35 So sorry I will not be home to join you in your quest for health and well-being. Sending love,strength and well wishes for the ones battling this terrible disease and Thank you to you Mike and all of the participants of this event. You are amazing and I am proud to have you as a friend. Good luck! ? Marialice B.
  Total $3,993.70  
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